3 Quick Lessons on Leadership

I’ve worked in multiple leadership positions within my company for the past 8 years. From managing a single team and up to 21 teams at a time, it’s been a humbling and gratifying learning experience. Being able to learn about people and how to get team results is a gift I’m extremely thankful for, andContinue reading “3 Quick Lessons on Leadership”

The Self-Improvement Trap

“The Power of Tiny Gains” James Clear, author of the NYT’s best seller “Atomic Habits”, has done an amazing job inspiring and helping people change their lives by showing them how to develop good habits. It’s built upon the basis of improving 1% every day. “If you get one percent better each day for oneContinue reading “The Self-Improvement Trap”

Mismatched Motivations

Why you’re unmotivated We spend our days striving – gunning for that promotion, gambling for likes, chasing the dollar, subtly peacocking for attention, and playing stupid games with others. All for the things WE want… right? We don’t spend enough time thinking about our genuine desires – what they are and why we have them.Continue reading “Mismatched Motivations”

Self-Improvement: The Great Fraud

The Cycle We’re addicted to self-improvement. Every time we reach our intended goal, we set another. We fill ourselves up with inspiration, optimism, and hope as we take the next step forward. We encounter pain and struggle, then come out victorious. We’re elated. We feel the satisfaction of reaching the goal and are paid inContinue reading “Self-Improvement: The Great Fraud”