Self-Improvement: The Great Fraud

The Cycle We’re addicted to self-improvement. Every time we reach our intended goal, we set another. We fill ourselves up with inspiration, optimism, and hope as we take the next step forward. We encounter pain and struggle, then come out victorious. We’re elated. We feel the satisfaction of reaching the goal and are paid inContinue reading “Self-Improvement: The Great Fraud”

How to Win Friends and Arguments

Effective leaders, happy couples, and strong families – what makes them different? Fragility and Relationships It’s not the everyday small talk, collaborative problem-solving, or fun times that build strong relationships. These say nothing about the relationship’s fragility. It’s what happens when the relationship is tested. All relationships are tested with time. Shocks are bound toContinue reading “How to Win Friends and Arguments”

A Cold Person’s Guide to Building Empathy

Throughout my career, I have worked with hundreds of leaders and have found a common theme. Though many do well, some work way too hard for the same results. The amount of pressure they apply isn’t equal to the output. Working hard is overrated. Everyone works hard. What matters most is good decision-making and leverage. Continue reading “A Cold Person’s Guide to Building Empathy”

Deciding on Emotion

You can’t survive without emotion A common theme in our world is to “ignore your emotions”, especially when it comes to making decisions. I’ve heard it constantly in business, games, and life. They say that emotions cloud your judgment and are “irrational”. There’s truth to that. We all have a memory where we made anContinue reading “Deciding on Emotion”