3 Quick Lessons on Leadership

I’ve worked in multiple leadership positions within my company for the past 8 years. From managing a single team and up to 21 teams at a time, it’s been a humbling and gratifying learning experience. Being able to learn about people and how to get team results is a gift I’m extremely thankful for, andContinue reading “3 Quick Lessons on Leadership”

Mismatched Motivations

Why you’re unmotivated We spend our days striving – gunning for that promotion, gambling for likes, chasing the dollar, subtly peacocking for attention, and playing stupid games with others. All for the things WE want… right? We don’t spend enough time thinking about our genuine desires – what they are and why we have them.Continue reading “Mismatched Motivations”

How to Win Friends and Arguments

Effective leaders, happy couples, and strong families – what makes them different? Fragility and Relationships It’s not the everyday small talk, collaborative problem-solving, or fun times that build strong relationships. These say nothing about the relationship’s fragility. It’s what happens when the relationship is tested. All relationships are tested with time. Shocks are bound toContinue reading “How to Win Friends and Arguments”

Decision-Making and The Ludic Fallacy

Let’s play a game. See this coin? This coin has an equal chance of landing heads or tails. We start flipping the coin and recording the results. After 100 flips, we have 99 heads. What is the probability that the next flip will be heads? Doctor Joe, proudly wearing his shirt and tie, says “50Continue reading “Decision-Making and The Ludic Fallacy”

The Fragility of Efficient Teams

I was stunned. On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization tweeted “There is no reason for measures that unnecessarily interfere with intl. travel and trade.” The news of the virus ravaging Wuhan, China did not show enough “evidence” for the WHO to take any action, exposing the world to systemic risk. This was theContinue reading “The Fragility of Efficient Teams”

Deciding on Emotion

You can’t survive without emotion A common theme in our world is to “ignore your emotions”, especially when it comes to making decisions. I’ve heard it constantly in business, games, and life. They say that emotions cloud your judgment and are “irrational”. There’s truth to that. We all have a memory where we made anContinue reading “Deciding on Emotion”